Short Courses & Microcredentials

As the need for blended and online educational programs continues to rise, the demand for skilled digital Learning Designers (LDs) is also increasing. Oppida has been advocating for the importance of the LD role as a means of enhancing the quality of digital educational offerings since its inception. Oppida is an education brand that is committed to providing education, and in 2021, we launched Oppida Learning to further our mission.

So, you want to be a Learning Designer?

Get started with our free Designing Digital Learning short course and the graduate to our Learning Design Practitioner (LDP) Microcredential


Access to Oppida's 'Learning Design Rocks' community

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I wanted to open up more opportunities for myself

Laure Vicherat

"I wasn't sure at first if I had the skills to be LD but once I was in the microcredential I realised I was well positioned as a graphic designer already."

I can really see the demand for good learning designers

Andy Pierce

"At first, I wasn't sure I would have time to complete this on top of my job but the portfolio approach to submission tasks really helped. I was able to submit work I had already done which saved time and reinforced that I have been on the right track!"

I liked the layout of the course and the creative freedom in the assignments

Charlotte Morgan

"Thank you for providing me the opportunity to take part in your Learning Designer course. I really enjoyed it and learnt a lot about Learning Design and the time and effort it takes to produce high quality adult learning material. What I loved most about the course was the many additional resources to support the insights from you and your team. I’d be really interested in the Learning Design Leader course in the future."


  • How long will this microcredential take?

    There are 6 Learning Bites that make up the Learning Design Practitioner microcredential, taking about 3-4 hours to complete each.

  • How much Synchronous engagement is there?

    Every month there will be a LIVE engagement opportunity with some of the Oppida learning design team.

  • Can I re-submit a Knowledge Check?

    Yes, there are multiple opportunities to submit.

  • What platform is it hosted in?

    Thinkific using Rise for the learning content.

  • How long will I have access to the credential for?

    You will be given 12 months access and plenty of reminders to complete.